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Vita is the founder, director, and CEO of Catwoman Pole Academy, and winner of the PSO Pole Championship (level 4), Vita has been working as fitness, flexibility, and mindset coach since 2014.  After she retired from her powerlifting career,  Vita was introduced to pole dancing and knew instantly that she had found her new passion.  Vita quickly mastered this new skill and became a certified pole dance and exotic pole dance instructor. Now Vita helps women to express themselves through this exciting and evocative style of dance. Vita believes that everyone can dance, and with proper training, everyone can become a great dancer. When she’s not dancing, you can find Vita out exploring, hiking, and soaking up nature, or just curled up with a good book.  


The first pole class Kelsey took was love at first dance. Kelsey teaches, choreographs, and competes in dance competitions. She is yoga certified, and has successfully completed multiple different workshops in the pole/aerial community.  She will make you explore different parts of your body with the emotion of feeling. Pole dancing can be anything you want it to be, and Kelsey will help you explore how it speaks to your body and mind while getting in a great workout!

Catwoman Pole Academy Team 



Maya Shoup, known as Illusionary Arts on stage, has been heavily involved in the movement community since moving to colorado in 2017. After falling in love with the physical and mental challenge of pole dancing, Maya shifted her focus to cross-training flow and pole. 
A few years down the line, aerial arts captured her heart as well; thanks to years of pole dancing, she was able to quickly absorb the foundation of aerial hoop and grow into the coach she is toda

Now she is an instructor in advanced lyra and pole dancing. Through classes Maya shares her love and inspiration with aspiring students from all corners of the country.

Fluidity in movement, a story in motion, poetry beyond paper - those are the driving forces behind Maya’s creativity. She strives to hold that same space for others to exist, learn, and grow in as well.


Cassandre is a performance artist, scholar, performer, and choreographer. 'Cass' is a passionate and detail-oriented pole/aerial dance performer with 10 years of teaching experience and 20 years of performance experience. She is ever-exploring a multitude of styles and well-versed in a variety of apparatuses, yet she keeps a particular affection toward improvisational dance. She interweaves her art with emotional intention, her knowledge of anatomy/physiology, and her passion for empowering people through pole/aerial dancing.

“I am really looking forward to joining the Catwoman studio, getting to know the instructors & clients that make it so special! Let's strengthen our mind, body, & soul through pole dancing”



Taylor is a kind and patient instructor with a desire to make her students feel comfortable and supported in class. She has been a movement enthusiast for over a decade with a heavy yoga background and her 200 HR YTT. However, she found more creative freedom with her pole practice and mainly focuses on spin pole flow and transitions to create seamless combos. Music is an essential piece for her so there will be no shortage of melodic playlists for you to move and express yourself to. Her main intention is to provide a safe and supportive space for you to come learn and play.


As an adult, Kylie immersed herself in the club industry and is now a standing member of Hard Candy Dancers. She grew up competing for over a decade in companies across Southern California and Northern Arizona. This allowed her to train in an array of styles that she still uses to this day. She has performed at venues such as Summit Music Hall, Temple Denver, and Clayton Members Hotel. Kylie teaches Twerkshop, Burlesque, and Intermediate Choreography in our Studio.



Raya has over 20 years of combined experience as a gymnast, springboard diver, and pole dancer and has competed at state, regional, and national levels. She has taught diverse forms of movement and acrobatics for years and is passionate about the ways these outlets unlock self-expression, artistry, and partnership with the body. Raya is excited to help you develop your skills, build self-confidence, show up more powerfully and embodied, and feel seen and connected in the studio.


Mark has been a student of yoga for the past ten years and had the opportunity to practice and learn alongside some of the best teachers in the yoga community.  Yoga began for Mark at a fitness event at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado.  The amphitheater was full of people, and most of them were smiling and happy and this was after an hour of yoga in the July heat. At this moment Mark thought, he want that. He wants to be smiling like that all day. 

His pole fitness journey began in 2020. He was invited to beginner pole class by a close friend, and from the first moment on the pole, he was hooked. Soon he was amazed by the effect pole fitness had on his body. He noticed quickly how his yoga practice helped him with pole. He also discovered that he loved Pole Dancing too.  

He earned his 200-hour yoga teaching certification from the Samudra School of Living Yoga in 2019.  It is his yogic philosophy that yoga should be fun and empowering.  

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