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Cancellation Policy: 

Late Cancel: Reservations can be canceled up to 4 hours prior to start time with no charge, and the credits you used to book the reservation will be automatically returned to your account. If a cancellation takes place within 4 hours of the start time, a late cancellation fee (1 class) will be charged for select reservations and a $10 fee to their credit card on file per class missed. 


Catwoman Pole Academy reserves the right to cancel or change instructors to best provide service. If we cancel any class a full refund will be issued for this reservation. 

to come practice in our space.

Studio Policy:

-No Jewelry that can scratch the poles or that could have potential with hurting yourself. This includes rings, long necklaces, earrings, etc.
-Clean the pole after your last class, or any other equipment you used at the studio.  Spray yoga blocks, exercise bands, yoga matts, foam rollers and crash pads down with rubbing alcohol and wipe them down, please.
-No student to student teaching in class. If you need assistance please ask or wave an instructor down.
-You must be able to follow direction, as possible. We do not allow you to do your own practice during a class setting. Unless approved by an instructor.  Please join us at open pole if that is what your heart desires.
-No outside shoes worn inside the studio
-We highly recommend students to bring in their valuables, into the studio space, to avoid potential theft.  The studio will not be responsible for stolen or lost goods.
-In mixed level classes please refrain from trying a trick that you are not approved to learn.  
-Be kind to others and be willing to share the space.
-When recording a video nicely ask the person near you if they are comfortable being in the video. Otherwise both/all people should coordinate this to insure protection of students.
-Beware, if you are starting to feel ill while being at the studio.  We may ask you to leave for the protection of yourself or others.
-Make sure you turn the pole back to static if using spin.
-Absolutely no body shaming of any kind!  Everyone is included into this space! GOOD VIBES ONLY!!! Avoid talking about body or diet.  This is a safe space and we encourage anyone with a body to come practice in our space.

Memberships&Purchase Policy: 


Memberships are set up for autopayment each month on your first class date.

Catwoman Pole Academy may change prices, for any reason, with 30 days of notice (for memberships) and without notice for class packages. You have the right to cancel your membership up to 3 days before the expiration date, otherwise, you will be charged for next month. You have the right to upgrade/downgrade your membership anytime.


Catwoman Pole Academy has the right to suspend/terminate the membership of any individual that is disruptive or deliberately fails to follow instructions and/or risks the safety of staff or other members.

 Memberships, packages, single classes is not negotiable or transferable by the Member.


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