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Boulder, CO
Charlotte, NC
50$ an unlimited week for new students

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Dance is life's pulse,  heartbeat,  and breath. It is the rhythm of your life, and one of the truest form of self expression, so in any confusing situation, Just Dance!

It’s Always
Time to Dance

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There are shortcuts to happiness, and dance is one of them. At Catwoman Pole Academy, we believe in creating a community of people who love to dance as much as we do because, at the heart of every dance, is a dancer whose creativity knows no bounds, whose spirit cannot be stilled, and whose movement becomes the music. Since the beginning of time, people have danced to celebrate, to express themselves, and to stay active and fit. Our unique approach to dance allows our clients to enjoy all the benefits of dance in a safe, fun, and accepting environment. Whether you are a beginner looking for an exciting way to get in shape, or a seasoned dancer looking to sharpen your skills for competition, our experienced and enthusiastic teachers ensure that every one of their students leaves their classes feeling energized, joyful, and filled with all the passion and self-confidence that dance brings. Finding your inner Cat has never been easier.

Are you ready to unleash your inner feline and learn to dance?  

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Ready to dance?

Pole Dance Classes

Graceful, strong, sensual, empowered! Pole classes improve body awareness and coordination, strengthen both core and upper body, and improve strength and flexibility - all while having the most fun you've ever had during a workout. Whether you’re looking to learn new tricks, just have a fun night out with friends, or get in the best shape of your life, our variety of Pole Dance classes offer a unique and exciting way to dance yourself happy and healthy.  Whether you are a beginner with no experience, or an advanced pole dancer looking for competition level training, we have a class for you. Whichever class you choose, our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets personal attention while keeping the class collaborative and fun.

Dance Classes

We have a variety of dance classes like twerkshop, burlesque, chair dance, heels choreography, and contemporary just come and have fun!

High Heels Choreography

Blending the elements from many different dance styles, this class gets its name not from the style of dance, but from the style of shoes. Learn to go-go, catwalk, and hair-flip, with a mix of jazz, salsa, hip-hop, and even ballet as you gain confidence, strength, and even improve posture. Once you master the skill of heels dance, it can be incorporated into any other style of dance with ease and flair. Embrace your feminine power, and learn to turn a casual walk into a stunningly styled showgirl strut.

Fitness & Flexibility 

Get fit and improve flexibility with our many classes designed to support your fitness goals as well as enhance your dance skills. From Pole Conditioning to Flexibility and Stretching, to Balance Classes, we have a class that can be a stand-alone to support your fitness goals or can be combined with another dance class to focus on the core strength needed for any style of dance.

Join us now to become the dancer you've always dreamed of becoming. Our in-person classes can help you unlock your true potential, and find your own beat. Offered in a range of levels and dance styles that are suitable for many different ages and skill levels, our classes are taught in a friendly, welcoming environment by experts in the field. We have the music, and the expertise, all we need is you – What are you waiting for? 

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Contact Us

949 Walnut street, STE B, Boulder, Colorado, 80302


2115 southend dr, unit 105, Charlotte, NC,  28203


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